Christmas Wreath

I’ve created artificial wreaths and centre-pieces before, when I used to work in a craft store (*dream job*), but have never had the chance to work with natural materials. Recently I went to a wreath making workshop at Evington House, in the park just a short walk away. For just £7 ($14) I was able to produce a decent sized wreath, under the tutelage of Pete – a middle aged gentleman of extraordinary talent.

No surprise to me, I was the youngest person there (3 grandmas); I was also the only non-British person there. I think that’s probably going to be the case quite a bit. In true English form, we also had tea and mince pies during our session. We were asked to bring a pair of “secateurs”, which I promptly Googled after signing up; turns out that’s just a fancy word for garden shears.


We wrapped a wire frame with moss to create a base & used florist twine to hold everything in place. Several garbage bags were dumped out and we had our choice of branches: soft evergreen, tree ivy, variegated green / white holly, glossy green holly. I went holly-crazy because that’s not a common plant back home & whooo man is that stuff sharp! The gloves I wore did nothing! In came the secateurs, used to snip and clip smaller pieces; creating a little bundle of the branches, work your way around and you’ve got yourself a snazzy wreath (lasting roughly 4-6 weeks, if kept outside). Then we added ribbon & pinecones for finishing touches; not going to lie – I couldn’t make the bow. I’ve never, never, never been able to make giant decorative bows.

It took about 3 hours, but it was a lot of fun; I always enjoy making things, rather than buying them – much more satisfying. Out of interests sake, I took a look at a few wreaths in some shops & sure enough (no surprise, really) you’d be paying at least £12 ($24) for a natural wreath. Hmmm…perhaps I should go into business?




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