Christmas Baking

So I bought a bunch of baking supplies, with the intention of doing up several Christmas-y goodies. I’ve made these things before, no problem. Except when one’s oven does not work. Now, I knew this prior to my supply reconnaissance mission, and I was assured that any baking could still be done with a bit of tweaking and use of the “grill” function. Yes and no. It was a bit of a crap-shoot, with several attempts, burning, smoke, profanity aimed at said non-oven.

It IS possible to bake cookies using a combination of very low grill function, convection roast and tin foil. The issue lay in the fact that it was pretty impossible to tell how long it would take for the cookies to be finished. One tray was in there for 30 minutes (a 15 minute time frame is given for gingerbread cookies), and still the dough was…dough. Another tray was in there for 10 minutes before they started to look like charcoal. A tray without a layer of tin foil on top – they did fine. Another tray without the tin foil on top became a disaster. I had to check on the bloody things practically every minute, less they turned into something they shouldn’t.


A decent result – crunchy outside, chewy inside

I managed to fill an entire tin with edible cookies, and the fact that they didn’t even last a week, well, I suppose that says it all. For the record, I only ate about 4 of the cookies.

My second foray was to be a chocolate fruit & nut brownie. This turned out so poorly that I didn’t even bother to take a picture. It was legit like one of those Pinterest comparison fails. In fact, I shouldn’t even be talking about it. It did not set, even after about 40 minutes, but somehow the top layer managed to become black. I salvaged it by using a bread knife to thinly slice the top part off. Cutting pieces was impossible, so I just ended up spooning chunks into bowls. It was a hot mess, but still tasted good.

The third dessert did not require me to use the oven / non-0ven. Huzzah! By this point, I was no longer on speaking terms with that appliance. The chocolate-coconut -oat-balls just needed mixing, chilling and rolling. A bit of a twist on a classic truffle, if you will. Again, these seemed to disappear pretty quickly…

No-bake recipe for the win!

One other difficulty encountered was the imperial vs. metric system. The recipes that I had in my recipe book were all in metric (cups & millilitres). The measuring cup available to me was imperial (pints and ounces). That was not too big of a deal, as converting was simple enough. Except the one recipe that I got from a UK website listed everything in grams. *sigh* That made for an awful lot of converting. And probably an awful lot of incorrect measurements. Nobody has fallen ill though, so I guess all things considered, it was not a complete disaster.


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