‘Pon A Summer Past

A decidedly overcast day. Scrolling through & editing all the photos I took from last year. Time consuming to say the least, especially since I take most pictures on my ‘vintage’ iPhone. This involves a multi-layered process:

Step 1 – Email selected photos to myself. For some reason, I can’t select more than 5 pictures at a time. This is tedious. And annoying.

Step 2 – Open the 28 emails I’ve sent myself & proceed to download everything into a desktop folder.

Step 3 – All 28 downloads contain jpegs labelled 1 – 5. Which means I have to then rename the other 27 downloads, continuing on 6,7,8,9,etc. otherwise the computer will recognize everything as a ‘duplicate.’

Step 4 – Edit with iPhoto & save into iPhoto folder.

Step 5 – Remove & delete all the photos from the desktop folder. Select the edited photos from iPhoto & transfer into the desktop folder. For some reason, I can’t upload pictures directly from iPhoto.

If anyone knows of a better / smarter / quicker way to do this, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME!

Anyways, as I said, it’s a dull day. So here are some (finally) sorted photos depicting some festivities of last summer.

We went to Continental Circus Berlin. A variety of acts, mostly featuring juggling & jumping & aerials. There were also lazers, so you can’t go wrong with that.

Leicester Caribbean Carnival – it was hot! hot! hot! Literally, it was super sunny & sweat-inducing. This was enjoyable not only for the colourful costumes, rhythmic music & positive atmosphere – I was also able to wear my gauzy psychedelic, sequins kaftan & not look out of place. First a parade. Then a lazy wander around the stalls & bandstands at Victoria Park. We ended up at the back end of the park amongst a throng of people groovin’ to the reggae-dub sounds of Aba Shanti-I.

Evington Village had its annual Village Fete on the village green. How many times can I say ‘village’? Village.

There were Tombola stalls, with questionable prizes. But a winner every time, no less! So obviously we played. We won a plastic pencil kit & some expired shower gel / hand lotion from Marks & Spencers (note: the bath products proved useful & non-rash inducing). There were bric-a-brac stalls selling assorted things you didn’t need.

There were various organizations with pamphlets encouraging you to join.

There were LIVE owls! So that’s where I spent a lot of time. Had there not been so many children around, I would’ve paid to hold one as well. But I think it was actually meant to be for kids, so I just hung around the sidelines with the other adults, who were probably also pretending that they didn’t really want to hold an owl.

There was a honey stand, fresh with bees doing their thing.

There was a brass band playing in the midday heat, while onlookers sat around them in folding chairs, swaying along & eating Flake 99’s.

There was a local community scarecrow contest. It is no surprise that the winner was the ‘Leicester City fox’, considering how well Leicester City was doing in the Premier League. Also, it incorporated various bits of debauchery, which people seemed to find humourous.

There was a marquis which housed all the entries to the various categories one could participate in. Categories ranging from flowers, vegetables, paintings, photographs, assorted craftwork, baked goods, preserves, etc. Basically all kinds of random categories. There was even one for potting soil. Nothing growing in it, just soil.

You need to know that this is a real contest, taken very seriously by participants & judges. Like people prepare MONTHS in advance for this. It is intense. To semi-quote a friend from back home (for anonymity, let’s just say S. Firby): “oh my god, what? A village fete actually exists!? I thought that was only in books & movies about historic England!” No. No it is not. And it is glorious!

So I decided to make some things; I dropped off my entry form & my £2 fee by the deadline – I KNOW I put it through the organizer’s letterbox. When I arrived bright & early to display my things, there was no record of me having entered. None. At all. Apparently that had never happened before. Of course. The only foreign entrant happens to be forgotten. But they quickly did up some display cards for me, so all was sorted. My handmade card & knitted flowers did not win. Incidentally, the next day the organizer rang me to say she FOUND my entry still in her front porch underneath a pile of flyers. Apologies, etc. A HA! HA! Next year, Village Fete….next year.

musical-25709_640 Listen To: The Kinks – Village Green


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