Itchin’ For Urchin – My Struggle With The Sea

Yesterday I tested my culinary skills by cooking sea egg. What’s a sea egg? I can tell you what it’s not: it’s not an actual egg from a sea turtle – my initial mental image. Sea egg is a sea urchin. More specifically – the gonads of a sea urchin. So…this is sounding exactly like something I want to eat. Now clearly I didn’t go out of my way to obtain this, it was just in the fridge one day; in a mysterious black plastic bag.

Me: “What is this? Where did it come from?”

Adham: “It’s sea egg. My dad gave it to me.”

Me: “Okay….what, what is it exactly?”    *cue mental image of turtle egg*

Adham: “Sea egg. It’s difficult to describe.”

Me: “….so what do we do with it? How do we cook it?”

Adham: “I don’t know.”

This was the least informative conversation ever. But this bag of…stuff from the sea was sitting in the fridge & I didn’t know long it was going to keep. Google was surprisingly not very helpful; okay, yes I determined what I was dealing with, but what do I do with it!?   I found a video of a woman cooking sea egg & she seemed to know the score:

I made 3 short videos of my attempt at mastering the sea egg, but apparently my blog plan does not support the upload of videos. So it was basically a pile of orange-y mush with these longer bits that resembled a tongue. Not great. The smell – mildly fishy and sea-like, but not overpowering. Still not great, but not as bad as I was anticipating, since I’m really not a fan of fish. I sautéed the sea egg with pepper & onion & then added tomato sauce for the win. How long am I meant to cook this for? No idea. I just kept going until I thought it was good. Some people eat it raw, so that’s a slight comfort to know that I won’t die if it’s undercooked. In my trepidation, I’m sure I probably overcooked it.

The initial taste – not too bad. It had a mushy, grainy texture & while it didn’t taste or smell powerfully fishy, I could still taste the fish. I’d liken the taste to mackerel. Served over a bed of rice, I thought I could do it. My rice to sea egg ratio was like 70 / 30. But about half way through I just couldn’t deal with it anymore; the lingering fish taste, albeit mild was just there. I think I also detected bits of sand.

I suppose this was not a complete failure, as we didn’t have to run around the corner for Chinese take-away. It’s definitely not something I’d go out of my way to buy. Nor would I go out of my way to order it in a restaurant. I’m not a fan of sea eggs. I will stick to land eggs.



2 thoughts on “Itchin’ For Urchin – My Struggle With The Sea

  1. Sounds like this may be a delicacy that one might have to pay “big bucks” for if ordered from a dinner menu at a restaurant.


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