Cornwall (Devon) The Third – Plymouth

Ok, you’ve probably had enough time to weigh the likelihood that I was either crippled or running laps after the trek to Looe. If you said ‘crippled’ – you are correct! My legs! Definitely feeling the burn as I hobbled to the bus stop the next morning.

We took several buses to get us into Plymouth, which is actually not in Cornwall, but the next county over – Devon. We would spend the day here & stop over for the night before heading home. We passed through a lot of small towns & as it was Sunday nothing was open. Saltash, being a slightly bigger town looked pretty happening for 9 o’clock in the morning, & we found a slightly questionable looking cafe to have a fry up. Pro tip – if there are a decent amount of people eating there, it’s probably got good food.



Our aim was to drop our bags at our hostel in Plymouth & then catch a train to Gunnislake for some exploring. Why Gunnislake? Why not Gunnislake? Literally it’s the middle of nowhere & there is nothing there, but it only cost a fiver for a return ticket, wasn’t too far away & it gave us something to do. Plus it has an interesting name, which is usually how I pick the places I’d like to see. Plymouth – Devonport – Dockyard – St. Budeaux – Bere Ferrers – Bere Alston – Calistock – Gunnislake (end of the line).

Fun fact: Gunnislake is actually in Cornwall. It’s like we never even left. We spent a couple hours hiking along some foot path. As if I need to walk anymore.

It is 9:45am the next morning. Adham keeps looking at his phone & then he abruptly disappears from the breakfast table. He is gone for a while. When he comes back, he tells me that we have missed our return coach back to Leicester. BY THREE HOURS. What? How has this happened!? I am really confused because why would we have bothered booking a breakfast if they don’t even start serving breakfast until 7am & we had to be on a bus at 6:45am. Why would we do that? How, for the past several days, have we both been thinking that the bus left in the afternoon? Well, that dream has come true, as we are now booked to return home on a 3:30pm coach.

Ok. Well I will just have a wander around then. God, Plymouth is really ugly. I mean, I love everywhere in the UK, but I can definitely say that this is the first place that was just so…dingy looking. I don’t know what it was, but it was just so boxy? Concrete? Plain? There was not much aesthetic appeal. I’m sorry people of Plymouth.

I decided to go to the Plymouth Mayflower museum & then walk along the waterfront, while Adham went off to look for records. Honestly, I was so unprepared to be in Plymouth because I DIDN’T THINK WE’D BE HERE; I always like to have an idea of where I’m going, what I want to see / do, how much it will cost, etc. I had nothing to go on!

Only about 9 hours behind schedule, we finally arrived back home around midnight. So glad I didn’t have to work the next day because I was shattered & still a mess from walking so much. Some minor mishaps, but all in all a good break. One more area of England that I can cross off my list.


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