Three Things Thursday

Contrary to what the title might suggest, it is highly unlikely that Three Things Thursday will become a staple occurrence. Not least of which on a Thursday itself. I will undoubtably make a Three Things Thursday post for the next few weeks & then it will just taper off, disappear into nothing. So don’t hold your breath for continuation.

But! Exactly as the title might suggest, it is simply three things that I have come across, which are so awesome they deserve acknowledgement. I may have also become slightly obsessed over them as well. But that’s by-the-by.

  • Saturday Night Live skit – Listening Party    Guest star Kevin Hart kills it in this sketch. *bap bap*


  • Parekh & Singh – Ghost     Dream pop from Kolkata, India. So pretty, I can’t stop listening. The rest of their songs are equally melodic. Plus their Wes Anderson inspired music videos are a treat for the eyes.


  • The Dark Tower – OH. MY. GOD. I can’t even deal with this. I have been waiting years for this film to happen!!!!!!! UK release date is 18 August & I am just dying!!! The anticipation is unbearable. Every couple of days I re-watch the trailer & I just lose it! Stephen King’s epic odyssey of the Gunslinger has finally come to life! The books offer a combination of fantasy, horror, western & sci-fi all rolled into one. Hands down this series is one of my favourites & I am absolutely going mental that this is happening. Remember the face of your father.




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