Three Things Thursday

Well this is unprecedented: two Thursdays in a row. Hold onto your socks people.

  • Let’s start by taking it back a few years to Vines. Remember Vines? Those good ole’ short videos that would just loop endlessly? This is one of my favourite Vines of all time. It just makes me laugh so hard. Watermelone. 


  • Are you sad? Are you grumpy with life? Look no further than Baker Cat! An old-y, but a goody. How can this not cheer you up? I recommend dancing along for optimum enjoyment. For further enlightenment, check out I can’t get enough of this chubby-tub!


  • And finally: another cat. This here is one of my favourite memes. There is so much going on here – the look on the man’s face; the look on the cat’s face; the frosted, charred background. You know where I’m going with this…Twas I Cat. It all just comes together in an absurd, yet entirely plausible situation. Never under-estimate a cat.




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