Three Things Thursday

Ok, see the thing is that I actually forgot to post last Thursday & then when I remembered I was lying on the couch, so obviously I wasn’t about to get up. It’s probably pretty safe to assume that TTT will be sporadic at best. Anyways, here are my three things for this week:

  • You’ve heard of Beyonce – multi million dollar recording artist; Queen Bey; celebrity icon, etc. etc. Well this isn’t about Beyonce. This is about her sister Solange. Definitely underrated, Solange is also incredibly talented, perhaps overshadowed by her older sister. I’ve definitely never heard her in the mainstream, but that doesn’t make her any less of an artist. In fact, I find her music to be more to my taste; less ‘top 40 pop’ & more soul / funk, avant garde. I don’t even know how I discovered her, but when I did, I couldn’t believe I’d not actually ‘heard‘ her before. I knew of her, but I didn’t think she did much. Totally wrong. And now I can’t stop listening to her. I’m a sucker for visuals, so the videos that accompany her songs more than likely helped hook me; I’ll only pick one to tout, but I highly recommend listening to some of her other songs too: Solange – don’t touch my hair.


  • We Bare Bears. If you like anthropomorphic cartoon animals, then you are in for a real treat. They’re cute. They’re funny. They’re awkward. And they’re behaving like people. I don’t even know how I came across this show (probably a Facebook ad, to be honest), but it is just too hilarious. Chronicling the main characters – Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear – each episode stands alone & puts them in ridiculous situations. I love the fact that everything they do is considered totally normal & nobody around them seems to care that they are bears. Broadcast on Cartoon Network (which is an American thing, so I don’t know how that works for other countries), I’ve just watched clips on YouTube; a bit annoying since the shows are segmented into 3-5 minute clips, but definitely worth watching. This is a good one – bear cleanse (clip 1).


  • If you’ve ever fancied learning a new language, look no further than Duolingo. This is a free website that allows you to learn various languages at your own pace. It’s simple & easy to use, starting off with absolute basics & becoming progressively harder. It teaches you an assortment of vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc. through repetition, which employs an algorithm that keeps track of the words you ‘know’ & the words you need to work on. Your progress is tracked on a daily basis, with the theory that even doing just one lesson a day, will help you to retain things. What I like about Duolingo is that it employs several different teaching methods via speaking, listening, & typing translations. There are lots of neat little extras, cute graphics & a lot of languages to choose from.

I’ve been learning Spanish for the past 10 months & I’ve completed all the lessons. I’m by no means fluent in Spanish, but I am really impressed with how much I actually was able to learn & remember. There were of course areas that I struggled with, but by constantly reviewing I was able to slowly understand things. I would say that I can read & understand Spanish, more so than I can hear & understand Spanish; I can write coherent Spanish, more so than I can speak Spanish conversationally. This is a definite A-plus in my books.




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